PCAT Tutoring

Today, the pharmaceutical industry is a growing career center, and the Pharmacy College Admission Test will be the first stop to getting that job.

The six-hour exam will test you on your verbal and quantitative reasoning abilities, as well as biology, chemistry, and reading comprehension. Two writing sections on top of that make this a rigorous test that any candidate would be nervous about.

Adam Wes tutors are here to walk you through all of the material to ensure you have the perfect, solid foundation before the test. After that, they will tone your test-taking abilities and keep track of your efficiency to be positive that you are ready for all obstacles. We will make sure that all the information you need is imbedded in your brain before we send you off to take that test!


I just want to say that Ian is an awesome guy, and the best tutor you could ask for! I truly didn't have a clue what my teacher was asking for in class and I was totally lost. With the help of Ian in in Quantitative Reasoning course I pulled threw. It was with Ian's help that I got an A. So I rec...

- Billy B. January 29, 2011

Ian is awesome! He has been such a great help to our daughter with both Pre-Calc/Trig and Physics. She was not doing well in either class at school, but now has A's in both. We've had tutors before, but she always complained about having to work with them. She actually looks forward to Ian com...

- Lauren B. March 1, 2011

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